A Brand New Logo After 20 years

F. Iniciativas is a Leading European Company in funding R&D innovations, it currently counts more than 1,000 employees, 11,000 clients and 32 offices in 10 countries. It’s thanks to 20 years of excellent service and a fee policy based on success only that we could lead to these results.
FI was founded in 2000 by Frederic Boute and Xavier Cazabon as a Start Up company, with an innovative business model and scalable operations it’s been growing organically getting 1,000 employees and a global turnover of € 90M.
Nowadays it’s the moment to move forward providing all our clients with a more global service, keeping it as high quality, tailored and professional as It’s always used to be.
The new brand has been created together with both the FI employees and clients at world wide level since we believe that it is one of our main assets.

Innovation is in our DNA.

The New Colors

The New Typography

Our Values The inner F. Iniciativas


We identify with honourable, upright, sincere and transparent behaviour. We commit and involve ourselves to the utmost. We help you in ensuring your challenges’ progress.

Global Reach

We are increasingly growing worldwide so that you can also grow. Our services also extend in order to follow you from the beginning of each innovative project.


Seeking new opportunities, opening new paths, breaking with the conventional. We create and co-create because there can always be something better, an easier solution, a quicker response. Innovating is in our DNA.


We aim at one purpose only: that your ideas could grow successfully and, day by day, we’ve been achieving it. Sharing your concerns with passion, demanding a maximum effort from us and, above all, enjoying the work.

Brand Identity The new FI Group


We are professionals who collaborate with professionals. Specialists, experienced and results oriented as you are


We generate an atmosphere of trust, since we believe that only by working side by side we could achieve the best in what we do


We know the sector very well and this is why we can provide you with the best solutions. You are in good hands.


Our attitude is open and pleasant. We are positive, our soul is young and clients appreciate this.


Working at FI Group is a daily joy for our employees. We love what we do, and we love sharing the successes of our clients.

How We Work Always customer centric


FI Group is at the cutting edge! We like detecting new tendencies, growing with them and reinventing ourselves continuously; the world moves quickly and we do with it.


We are open to everything: society, people and changes as well, as much as hard they could be. Our attitude is always flexible and collaborative, we do our work feeling part of your company.


Our expertise in innovation allows us in providing you with tailored solutions, in the quickest way possible, guaranteeing success. We know what we are doing so that you will get from us the highest quality service you deserve.

Our Purpose Helping Ideas Grow


Being always by your side is what makes us different. We like to make things easy for you in your innovation process, anticipate your needs and collaborate with you. Accompanying with the transparency and commitment that we are so proud of.


Changing the present is improving the future. We believe in innovation because not only does it make you grow as a company but It also improves society: your ways of communicating, your health, your wellbeing. Each idea is like a dream that can be fulfilled; and it’s here we want to be.


We give the ideas that boost they need to grow. We accelerate innovation so that it could add value. We have been sowing the best results together with you.